Nici (aria_ruri) wrote in bloody_cupid,

I really should start making names for these...

She never meant to turn away
She always thought that there would be another chance
She never thought the words she'd say
Could possibly be her last
But then there came that day
The rain pounding on her back
She had turned and walked away
And was driving way to fast
And before her loved ones knew it
She wouldnt see another day
Overwhelming regret and sadness filled their lives
No one could believe that this was her goodbye
[[Never let the sun set on your fights
Your fears, your tears, or the struggles in your life
Never take the people that love you for granted
Because you never when they may go
Always tell them that you love them
Never turn them away
Because as long as you are in their hearts your always here to stay]]
He was afraid of another fight
He thought he'd never make it through another night
Every night he'd sit on his bed and pray
Always waiting to see a brighter day
Blinded by his tears
And frightened by his fears
He held on to what he knew
And over time he grew

I hear the whispers of an angel
Conquering triumph defeats the shadows
I’m never afraid, never alone
Yet so far from what I know
Is anyone out there
Can anyone hear me
Will anyone save me
Is anyone near me
I am stranded and your mercy is all that keeps me here
I feel so suppressed as the gates of hate close in on me, and grace moves just beyond my reach
Yet as much as I want to leave this place of wretched fire and destruction
I cannot stray- can you hear me?
I need to breathe, yet fear holds me to my death
It captivates me and I am further bonded to this world
Enlightened by the hand reaching out to help me to my feet
But still held by frozen chains of death bonding me with the betrayal I have feared all along
I've been broken
Shattered glass cannot be renewed
Will I be forgotten?
Have I been denied?
Pain stricken faces that have accomplished nothing but gaining a fear
Fear that bonds them to the icy grip of a burdened world
I am encaged in a broken-hearted state
A fire burning in my soul, yearning to be set free
Shadows-begging for freedom from their restricted life
They are chained to a sinner, there is no escape for them
The whispers of triumph, of hope
They fade away into the blackness of a once whole world
Do you remember when all was as it used to be?
The sound of betrayal ringing in my ear
My vacant soul burning
Burning for another chance to be set free
I hear a distant cry
It calls my name, as I peer through a forsaken white forest
Tear drops of the clouds renew my wounded heart
A thunderstorm overpowers me
Power and beauty is now alive
I've been awakened from my empty dreams of denial and death
There is nothing to fear
I am never afraid
Never alone
Yet still so far from what I know
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