Nici (aria_ruri) wrote in bloody_cupid,

Dont laugh okay... I have never done this before...

I wrote some stuff... I cannot think of names for them... and they could use quite a bit of work... I just wanted to know what you all thought...

song 1

[[this is my denial
my disturbance
a confrontation with my utter desolation
this is my illusion
my destruction
my earth shattering revelation]]
the fear that feeds my wounds
the faith that holds me to my words
the lies that hide me dont come true
although they whisper at my hurts
a fire burning, its crying to be set free
and even through the darkness a light is alive in me
there is a distant cry
its depression ringing in my ears
"help me see- its dark at night"
is the oppressed cry i hear
a conquering flood of daylight overcomes the torment
but as the night comes around again i wonder where the hope went
i drift slowly farther and farther away
i cant find a solid ground
theres not one dependable place to stay
but its too late to turn around
alone, i cant the find truth in my own path
cant shed a light upon my feet
i slowly stumble down and ask:
"God, find me- help me please..."

Song 2

A haunting disturbance is the cradle of all fear
A simple breath is all that keeps me here
My heart was stolen, crushed by oppression-here i'm left to die
I am the victim of a thousand captivating lies
And the struggle I embrace
Sends me farther from your grace
I sink to my knees- help me please
[I am broken, so broken
Far beyond repair
I need a breath to save me
Rescue me from my despair
With my vacant black heart aching
Isnt anybody there?
I am broken- does anybody care?]
My shattered soul cuts like broken glass into my once whole life
Words ring in my ears that destroy me like a knife
I desperately call out- I need to be brought to life
An icy grip of hatred holds me- i am all alone
I am begging you to save me- come and bring me home
I need you to save my broken soul...
I tried to forget the storm, to evade this pounding rain
But I am frozen as my dying heart cries for the grave
A shadow, a figure- it passes over me
Without a glance behind it moves on
Thunder cries to me
Will no one turn back doesnt anybody see?
Find me- as i bleed..........
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