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Keyboardest!!!!! i got a new one for u!!!!!

i realized after i wrote the song that it sounded alot like another song i know... WOOPS! i reall had no intention of that! So because if this little problem i'm not sure the band will want to use it... let me know kay?


Day by day, my breaths come shorter,
i grow weaker. You feed off me!
The Midnight man. Great power king,
my darling love. For all that be.


Hold me down. Now i can't sleep.
It's a miracle should i dream.
These cold arms that loved me so,
have become unwelcome as the frigid snow.
Find another to warm my heart again.
To hold me.

She loved me once when we were wild.
Feirce, untamed. Her and i were but small children.
Both suffering from "Peter pan syndrome" Never gonna grow up.
or do as were told we had each others arms to hold us.
Nothing in the world could stop us.
She grew up and i stayed behind. Stuck in that space of time.
Those arms that used to hold me, in my dreams they now.
Hold me down.

Hold Me.
i need a love.
hold me.
and never hurt me.
Hold me til i die. 'til i die!

My writings and the darkness keep me sane.
But for how long?
i'm in my garden, waiting for him.
Will he be the one to heal me?
To restore me? Get rid of the scars left over.
left by he, by she, by me? Will he hold me?

Hold me
Hold me.
So warm now isee. Are you here to hold me?
or just hold me down?
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