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Me and Rith wrote this one! It's for the band and a newly parted familair


Your smile, so sweet, the tears you cried are only mine to keep. Your skin in meld with mine, so familiar. I cry wounds from long ago. My head on your shoulder. Lost in the rain is there something more to the same old game.

I’ve seen that smile.
I’ve known your eyes.
I feel your light inside my mind.
You were here before, a time or two, but no matter how I try one thing stays true…
I just keep losing you.

The majik that’s stirred, that mingles between us. It’s not everyday, ordinary, or love. Those are to simple to tell what’s driving us, I knew the glow of your eyes, two blocks away under the Dutch Brother’s Sign. You said you could smell my incense from across the river. We had never met or heard a word of each other our eyes barley meet…and…


I put my nose to the air thought I smelt you on the wind, sometimes I think I’m waiting for a day that will never come. So why is it that all do I fall, fall, and fall for you!!! You’ll only leave again, die or bleed! You’re my only you’re the one! It’s you or no one! So I’ll keep hurting and dying again and no matter what century you and I are in…


I just keep losing you…
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