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So yea, started to write one song then it ended up being yea here ya go. Oh yea, and I'll but up another one l8r that I wrote on the plane it's called "caffeine queen" so yea...

A song through the tears

If I could show you all what I see
you would understand just how lucky you are
I see your life's go by
I see the pain run through
you try to understand
why people don't love you

I know it feels like it's over
but it's just the beginning
so many lives have been wasted
and just thrown away
I don't see how
your eyes could get so clouded
you try to tell me what i know
but your the one who needs

If I could show you what I see
you might back away
the truth is so blinding
it's hurts just to say

Love is not everything
Love does not make the world
you can say it how many times you wish
but it does not change
the pain that is growing
hate rules all
it's hatred that drives us

the pain from love
fuels the hate that is ruling
the pain goes on
no matter how grueling

it hurts so bad
but you just have to keep moving


the pain from love
fuels the hate that is ruling
I wish I could say
just how much this is grueling
this pain that I feel
is locked up away
I don't need love
I didn't need you anyway

So your nothing to me now
I'll just give you away
you mean nothing to me now
I'll make myself say
again and again
your nothing to me...
no matter what they say
your nothing now
your nothing now
I'll just walk away

I can convince myself
pretend to be happy that way
I can make it through
pretend to be happy for you
I can pretend to be happy for you
pretend to be happy for you
pretend to be so happy without you

Didn't realize

didn't realize how much I loved you
didn't realize how much I cared
didn't realize how much I'd miss you
didn't realize you wouldn't be there...

my arms feel so empty
my heart is so cold
I'm so lost without you
without you to hold

didn't realize how much this hurts
didn't realize how much you didn't care
didn't realize how much I need you
I hate to realize that your not there

it was the right thing to do
but it hurts so bad
I don't understand
how you could move on so fast
less than a day
and your sorry to say
you found someone new
and I'm still so blue

didn't realize how hard this would be
didn't realize how they could be so mean
didn't realize what this would do
didn't realize you could hold her in your arms
and make me feel so blue

I just don't get you
you make no sense to me
I'll try to forget you
but it's just not that easy

you have forgotten me
you have moved on
you will just live your life
while I struggle to go on

didn't realize that no matter what you do
I will always love you
and no matter what you say
I will never forget you

they were all actually written in that order.....
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