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Satan's Night Out
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Tuesday, January 18th, 2005
10:20 am
well i don't think any of you care anymore about the band and all but hell i found my song
Lost julliete

by rith

She stares into the darkness dreaming
no silver night to hold her hand
nothing but her memories to drownd out now

CH. A taste like wine that fades with time
your taste was gone long ago
drowning our lives in the bottom of a bottle
we were to eager to find a grave together
beauty is waiting to become a beast

She screams sometimes hoping he'll hear
"I wish my tears would turn to wine"
I feel like I have to drink my life away
nothing but her memories to drownd out now

no romeo to her Julliete
no one sees the princess she is

She woke with the faing taste of strawberry champeign still on her lips

Current Mood: i found my song
Tuesday, December 21st, 2004
1:47 am
whee new icon-ness. I think it fits, and plus, cookies! but yea, I'm leavin for cali, lots of love to everyone! happy chrismahanaquanzika! (or just merry christmas! =^.^=) -gabi

(*damnit cartman!*)

Current Mood: chipper
Thursday, December 16th, 2004
10:24 pm
Let me just squeeze in here for a minute...
Hey. Okay band. I'm gonna let you keep all of my songs.

You can use them all you like. Here's the catch. You have to mention before singing the song that it was writin my me. Bassically all i ask is to ge tcredit for my songs okay? And i may even give u some more. Hell what am i gonna do with them! ^-^ besides even though i am no longer part of this band i really am dedicated and love it.

So i hope you'll all except my offer and wish you all the best of luck and to remind you to practice!!! Practice, practice, practice! ^0^ Well that's all for now i love you... ROCK ON!!!!

Current Mood: rejuvenated
Monday, November 22nd, 2004
12:45 am
On the road again...
Well i doubt i have any fans but to all who liked my songs and even bothered to keep up with this group thanks due to some hostility between members of the band i am no longer apart of Satans Night Out. Thanks alot and a reminder to my Ex- band mates all of my songs are mine not yours. u may not use them and they are hence forth striped from your custody. Thanks all and love!


Current Mood: intimidated
Sunday, November 21st, 2004
8:39 pm
ok i have been talking with the mambers of the band for quite some time now and we all agreed on this awhile ago but had no reason to put words to action.Some recent events have come to the attention of I and 2 others who's names forgo to be mentioned and we all agreed so I['m sorry that events lead to this and that all that bliss had to end but its unanimous

Heather dear....your out
first it was because we decided we didn't need a keyboardist now.....its because of things that have been occuring recently you've no need to speread slander like that sisters? aha dont make me laugh you've never seen us as sisters if you had you would not say and do such things so have fun sucking up to justin we've made ourselves clear eh?

"a man with no choice ceases to be a man"


Current Mood: clockwork orange
Tuesday, November 16th, 2004
8:57 pm
I really should start making names for these...
She never meant to turn away
She always thought that there would be another chance
She never thought the words she'd say
Could possibly be her last
But then there came that day
The rain pounding on her back
She had turned and walked away
And was driving way to fast
And before her loved ones knew it
She wouldnt see another day
Overwhelming regret and sadness filled their lives
No one could believe that this was her goodbye
[[Never let the sun set on your fights
Your fears, your tears, or the struggles in your life
Never take the people that love you for granted
Because you never when they may go
Always tell them that you love them
Never turn them away
Because as long as you are in their hearts your always here to stay]]
He was afraid of another fight
He thought he'd never make it through another night
Every night he'd sit on his bed and pray
Always waiting to see a brighter day
Blinded by his tears
And frightened by his fears
He held on to what he knew
And over time he grew

I hear the whispers of an angel
Conquering triumph defeats the shadows
I’m never afraid, never alone
Yet so far from what I know
Is anyone out there
Can anyone hear me
Will anyone save me
Is anyone near me
I am stranded and your mercy is all that keeps me here
I feel so suppressed as the gates of hate close in on me, and grace moves just beyond my reach
Yet as much as I want to leave this place of wretched fire and destruction
I cannot stray- can you hear me?
I need to breathe, yet fear holds me to my death
It captivates me and I am further bonded to this world
Enlightened by the hand reaching out to help me to my feet
But still held by frozen chains of death bonding me with the betrayal I have feared all along
I've been broken
Shattered glass cannot be renewed
Will I be forgotten?
Have I been denied?
Pain stricken faces that have accomplished nothing but gaining a fear
Fear that bonds them to the icy grip of a burdened world
I am encaged in a broken-hearted state
A fire burning in my soul, yearning to be set free
Shadows-begging for freedom from their restricted life
They are chained to a sinner, there is no escape for them
The whispers of triumph, of hope
They fade away into the blackness of a once whole world
Do you remember when all was as it used to be?
The sound of betrayal ringing in my ear
My vacant soul burning
Burning for another chance to be set free
I hear a distant cry
It calls my name, as I peer through a forsaken white forest
Tear drops of the clouds renew my wounded heart
A thunderstorm overpowers me
Power and beauty is now alive
I've been awakened from my empty dreams of denial and death
There is nothing to fear
I am never afraid
Never alone
Yet still so far from what I know
Monday, November 15th, 2004
1:16 pm
nothing just thinking of a song
recently ive been thinking of a song well since certian posts in certain journals about certain people that are me....... i like how its going so far so i'm posting what i have if anyone has ideas tell me


i've been standing on the peak
of sorrow for far to long now
everytime i find my way down
your their pushing me back up
Damn it all not this time

CH.Bloodbath a battle to the death
war raging from distrust and sorrow
push me down i'll just keep moving
we all knew this day would come

well thats all i got so far i dunno i'll work on it but i need feedback on the first part

love ya'll

Current Mood: annoyed
Saturday, November 13th, 2004
9:20 pm
Dont laugh okay... I have never done this before...
I wrote some stuff... I cannot think of names for them... and they could use quite a bit of work... I just wanted to know what you all thought...

song 1

[[this is my denial
my disturbance
a confrontation with my utter desolation
this is my illusion
my destruction
my earth shattering revelation]]
the fear that feeds my wounds
the faith that holds me to my words
the lies that hide me dont come true
although they whisper at my hurts
a fire burning, its crying to be set free
and even through the darkness a light is alive in me
there is a distant cry
its depression ringing in my ears
"help me see- its dark at night"
is the oppressed cry i hear
a conquering flood of daylight overcomes the torment
but as the night comes around again i wonder where the hope went
i drift slowly farther and farther away
i cant find a solid ground
theres not one dependable place to stay
but its too late to turn around
alone, i cant the find truth in my own path
cant shed a light upon my feet
i slowly stumble down and ask:
"God, find me- help me please..."

Song 2

A haunting disturbance is the cradle of all fear
A simple breath is all that keeps me here
My heart was stolen, crushed by oppression-here i'm left to die
I am the victim of a thousand captivating lies
And the struggle I embrace
Sends me farther from your grace
I sink to my knees- help me please
[I am broken, so broken
Far beyond repair
I need a breath to save me
Rescue me from my despair
With my vacant black heart aching
Isnt anybody there?
I am broken- does anybody care?]
My shattered soul cuts like broken glass into my once whole life
Words ring in my ears that destroy me like a knife
I desperately call out- I need to be brought to life
An icy grip of hatred holds me- i am all alone
I am begging you to save me- come and bring me home
I need you to save my broken soul...
I tried to forget the storm, to evade this pounding rain
But I am frozen as my dying heart cries for the grave
A shadow, a figure- it passes over me
Without a glance behind it moves on
Thunder cries to me
Will no one turn back doesnt anybody see?
Find me- as i bleed..........
Wednesday, October 20th, 2004
5:06 am
Crazy thought but....
Okay guys... call me crazy... i mean i know we all write our own songs but i just thought of a girl we all know who writes the most awsome lyrics and has the forever losing and forever cold thing. and well when we hit it big we could pay her for her lyrics and give her credit right now we can just put her in the band as a lyric writer... maybe just maybe? i have to ask her like waaaaay later caus ei'm uber busy but... BETH? Come on! wouldn't she do great lyrics for the band! ^-^ i'll still have to talk to her about it but let me know what u all think? we could put out like soooooo many songs! all of ours + hers!!!! Woah! and i bet she can help think of some kick asss music videos!.... well et me know girls! bye ^-^

Current Mood: amused
4:42 am
Keyboardest!!!!! i got a new one for u!!!!!
i realized after i wrote the song that it sounded alot like another song i know... WOOPS! i reall had no intention of that! So because if this little problem i'm not sure the band will want to use it... let me know kay?


Day by day, my breaths come shorter,
i grow weaker. You feed off me!
The Midnight man. Great power king,
my darling love. For all that be.


Hold me down. Now i can't sleep.
It's a miracle should i dream.
These cold arms that loved me so,
have become unwelcome as the frigid snow.
Find another to warm my heart again.
To hold me.

She loved me once when we were wild.
Feirce, untamed. Her and i were but small children.
Both suffering from "Peter pan syndrome" Never gonna grow up.
or do as were told we had each others arms to hold us.
Nothing in the world could stop us.
She grew up and i stayed behind. Stuck in that space of time.
Those arms that used to hold me, in my dreams they now.
Hold me down.

Hold Me.
i need a love.
hold me.
and never hurt me.
Hold me til i die. 'til i die!

My writings and the darkness keep me sane.
But for how long?
i'm in my garden, waiting for him.
Will he be the one to heal me?
To restore me? Get rid of the scars left over.
left by he, by she, by me? Will he hold me?

Hold me
Hold me.
So warm now isee. Are you here to hold me?
or just hold me down?
Saturday, October 16th, 2004
12:43 pm
Untiteled for Lack of Direction
-Untitled for Lack of Direction
Written for Matthew Bebbington
By: Adaam King

I’ve no direction but there.
But my mind is stuck right here.
I want to move on with you,
And this confusion sees me through...the day

Washed out over the shore of your mind
Nothing there but thoughts of dreams of everything
Tripping over the body inside
Calling for my love to sing...true.

I bury my face in your chest to hear you breathe.
From this window I hear you receive-
Your precious beats from your precious heart,
That sound tells me where to start.


There's nowhere I’d rather be
Than here, right now with you.
I am not afraid...to lose you
Because you were made for me.

*Chorus x2*

Point me in your direction
Because I’ll find you anyway...

-- Little Drummer Boy
Thursday, October 7th, 2004
9:29 am
nuthing much
well i posted 44 callibur love love letter on my journal i like it alot anyways i'm in the process of writting another song ask me if you want details......its gettig good

Current Mood: My tummy hurts
Wednesday, October 6th, 2004
7:42 pm
^-^ hee-hee!

Bleed me
Fuck you
Touch me
Burn you
Bite me?
Bleed you!

It hurts your love it stings and yet I scream at the feel of your knife plunging home, such pleasure, for me!

Little boy that’s you, so lost, so smooth, so perfect. “angel face” touch me, fuck you, such grace!


In blood I smile you stayed for the night. Fresh blood. on the tile. still warm, so sweet. You bath, I bleed. Such pleasure! For me!
when your gone for good I’ll smile stay clean… for awhile.


When I come you leave. Work done. Fuck me! she’s new. Just for you. To pure, won’t bleed. Then she’s down on her knees bleeding like me.

Bleed me! Bleed me! Please?

Current Mood: amused
7:39 pm
Me and Rith wrote this one! It's for the band and a newly parted familair

Your smile, so sweet, the tears you cried are only mine to keep. Your skin in meld with mine, so familiar. I cry wounds from long ago. My head on your shoulder. Lost in the rain is there something more to the same old game.

I’ve seen that smile.
I’ve known your eyes.
I feel your light inside my mind.
You were here before, a time or two, but no matter how I try one thing stays true…
I just keep losing you.

The majik that’s stirred, that mingles between us. It’s not everyday, ordinary, or love. Those are to simple to tell what’s driving us, I knew the glow of your eyes, two blocks away under the Dutch Brother’s Sign. You said you could smell my incense from across the river. We had never met or heard a word of each other our eyes barley meet…and…


I put my nose to the air thought I smelt you on the wind, sometimes I think I’m waiting for a day that will never come. So why is it that all do I fall, fall, and fall for you!!! You’ll only leave again, die or bleed! You’re my only you’re the one! It’s you or no one! So I’ll keep hurting and dying again and no matter what century you and I are in…


I just keep losing you…

Current Mood: artistic
7:35 pm
My mom won't like this one but... ^-^
No Cross

“Daddy is there really a heaven?”
“What do you think?”
“No? Why not?”
“Well even IF it was real… it won’t be there much longer.”

No cross, no thor ny crown. Angels keep falling, the pleasure to tempting soon leaves heaven empty. Cold as the tombs where their dust still lies. Because of people like me heaven’s a dream. A comfort for the weak. How the scared love to lie.

Jesus or Buddah
Evolution or Eve
Big Bang or Magic
Forever or Dream

God is a lie. Satan isn’t down there. Lava and earth holding us down.
Mommy always told me that when I was bad pray, pray he’ll for give you. Why not she? Why not it? Why not veronica the ass stick? Why not me?


The bible was written by a mad man. The ark is from mars. Solmon wore a wig and collected life insurrence. Moses worked a bar. Heaven’s a lie! Wake up he isn’t comin’! Wake up your dreaming. Poor things, there is no Eden.


Current Mood: accomplished
Monday, October 4th, 2004
11:47 pm
SO yea, I finally remembered to put "caffeine queen" in here. I wrote it on the plane, and I was really bored...so yea...here ya go!

Caffeine Queen

I'm the caffeine queen
come and dance with me
rainbow ribbons
silly string
what a party we'll have
just wait and see
one more thing
please don't leave

come to my world
of sugar and sweets
party's galore
and wonderful treats
soda and candy
toys and games
fun will be had
fun can be made

come and play with me
in my colorful world
twists and twirls
lots of girls

bring your love
bring a friend
just come on
the party never ends
I'm waiting for you
in my sugar-coated world
come one, just give it a whirl

I'm the caffeine queen
come and dance with me

Current Mood: creative
Thursday, September 30th, 2004
1:57 am
Oh yeaaa, and btw, "A song through the tears" already has a music video. Hehe! I feel so proud of myself, it's kinda hard to explain it. So if ya wanna know then just talk to me at school or call me or somein. K? Love ya! *poof*
1:42 am
So yea, started to write one song then it ended up being three.....so yea here ya go. Oh yea, and I'll but up another one l8r that I wrote on the plane it's called "caffeine queen" so yea...

songs...Collapse )

Current Mood: blah
Thursday, September 23rd, 2004
3:37 pm
another one ya'll

by rith of satans night out

Litte kitten
caught up in so much
Pure dove dyin inside her

Ch. Pulled to
the sweet scent of leather-clad
arms drowning in the charms
Of a life of extascy

Litte kitten
Milk turned to blood
Do you like the taste
or does it sting your lips?
Do you like to ba as dirty as you are?


Sweet little kitten
Claw's sunk so deep in his face..
Where will you run to now?
How will you wash the blood off your paws!?


Just keep praying someday you'll wake up
Just keep praying some day you'll wake up

Sweet little kitten.

Current Mood: crappy
3:35 pm
well it seems i've written agin and agin it sucks ass oh well what can i say

"Rag Doll"

By Rith of satan's night out

Play with me

Tease me with your fingertips

Use me up, Get me high

Just never let me know i'm really here

In this place

Ch. I'll be your favorite toy

Your little Rag Doll

I'll be your plaything your spineless

Rag Doll

Touch me, Please me

Play till you cum inside me, i'm on fire

Just never let me breath


Hold me down

Push inside

Get off while i scream

Just never say you'll love me forever

Never say you'll love me forever

Never say you'll love me


Current Mood: crappy
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