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Untiteled for Lack of Direction

-Untitled for Lack of Direction
Written for Matthew Bebbington
By: Adaam King

I’ve no direction but there.
But my mind is stuck right here.
I want to move on with you,
And this confusion sees me through...the day

Washed out over the shore of your mind
Nothing there but thoughts of dreams of everything
Tripping over the body inside
Calling for my love to sing...true.

I bury my face in your chest to hear you breathe.
From this window I hear you receive-
Your precious beats from your precious heart,
That sound tells me where to start.


There's nowhere I’d rather be
Than here, right now with you.
I am not lose you
Because you were made for me.

*Chorus x2*

Point me in your direction
Because I’ll find you anyway...

-- Little Drummer Boy
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