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My mom won't like this one but... ^-^

No Cross

“Daddy is there really a heaven?”
“What do you think?”
“No? Why not?”
“Well even IF it was real… it won’t be there much longer.”

No cross, no thor ny crown. Angels keep falling, the pleasure to tempting soon leaves heaven empty. Cold as the tombs where their dust still lies. Because of people like me heaven’s a dream. A comfort for the weak. How the scared love to lie.

Jesus or Buddah
Evolution or Eve
Big Bang or Magic
Forever or Dream

God is a lie. Satan isn’t down there. Lava and earth holding us down.
Mommy always told me that when I was bad pray, pray he’ll for give you. Why not she? Why not it? Why not veronica the ass stick? Why not me?


The bible was written by a mad man. The ark is from mars. Solmon wore a wig and collected life insurrence. Moses worked a bar. Heaven’s a lie! Wake up he isn’t comin’! Wake up your dreaming. Poor things, there is no Eden.

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